Your Cloud migration is almost completed; but it is ever really finished? Your business should never stop optimizing the way your cloud environment works and how it benefits your enterprise. As your efforts to drive your business continue, your technology should be a catalyst along the way.

Optimizing your cloud begins with establishing a set of standards or criteria that need to be met. Variables that should be monitored include usage, cost, and efficiency. Daily monitoring of these operations will provide the feedback necessary to further optimize your Cloud environment. If used to its full potential can unlock many business advantages, many of which we have discussed in our previous insights.

Here are a few of the core processes that should be considered when improving your Cloud computing standards.

  • Develop a planning process that prevents scaling too high before your business may need it. Remember, in most cloud contracts, a pay-per-use model is employed. Storage is readily available which means there is no need to implement more without the need for it. Like a custom suit, you want your cloud capacity to be tailored to exactly what you need, not to what you think you think you are going to need.
  • It is beneficial to determine which data is most important. Avoid hoarding data that your business really doesn’t need to permanently hold onto. This will increase the storage you already have will allow you to scale back even more for increased cost-optimization.
  • When trying to prevent incidents from occurring within your cloud computing, it is important to enlist the help of external cloud providers help. Managing the way incidents are handled with the extra set of eyes and capabilities help will not only limit the current issue but also prevent future incidents from affecting your day-to-day.

There a few ways to optimize your cloud environment. By successfully implementing the strategies or being mindful of their benefits, optimizing your cloud computing environment could be a solution to some of your technical issues.

The Cloud continues to be an interesting topic that could provide value to your business. Find out more about Cloud computing and catch up on some of our latest insights. Click the links below to read more about each topic.

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Cloud Road Map Part 4: Essentials in Cloud Migration

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