We are at the next step of your cloud computing model but it should never stop improving. Our last chapter harped on the importance of always optimizing your cloud strategy, because it can always get better.

Part six, the last installment of your Cloud roadmap will feature insights on your new Cloud team. There are several roles that need to be filled in order to further maintain and improve not only your Cloud environment but your entire IT infrastructure. Remember, you want the Cloud to compliment the rest of your technology and blend seamlessly throughout so having the right know-how or team in place can make all the difference.

In order to do that, you must have the right partner or people in place. These key roles include a Cloud Architect, a Cloud Engineer, Developers and Analysts. These are positions that may not exist currently within your company and maybe extremely difficult to fill due to limited talent pool however, there are different ways to go about filling these positions internally or by bringing in a partner.

Adopting new technology may not always be easy on your end users, including and updating them during the process is a great strategy to help the implementation process. Identify the users who understand the process best and use them to help educate other end users. If your business is looking to add new members to your team that will be dedicated to your IT, it may be difficult to get them up to speed on the culture and people surrounding your business.

Ultimately you may come to the decision that you’d like personnel from a third-party help manage, maintain and further improve your new IT environment. This could prove to be one of your best decisions as a business leader. Odds are that IT is not included in your areas of expertise and focusing on IT projects may take valuable time away from your focus on growing your enterprise.

Technology moves fast and may seem difficult to keep up but with the right team in place, you may find yourself using a fast-paced Cloud strategy to your business’ advantage.

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Cloud Road Map Part 5: Optimizing Your Cloud Operations

Cloud Road Map Part 5: Optimizing Your Cloud Operations

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