IT for Finance

The gap between technology and Finance is shrinking and we want to help your business take advantage of our powerful solutions that help you work smarter and safer.

Regulations play a large role in your day to day operations and we understand that meeting those regulations is essential to a successful business in Finance.

At PCI, we have 30 years of experience supporting financial service companies, from banks to wealth management firms. Our reliable IT solutions give you an edge by providing instant access as well as enhancing your security.

Data security.

A cyber attack can bring your operations to a halt – or worse. Our team stays on top of the latest cyber security threats to protect or recover your valuable data.

Customized cloud solutions.

We can build a hybrid cloud infrastructure that offers the best of both worlds -- the capabilities of the public cloud with an extra level of security and control.

A new match.

Finance and IT used to work entirely independently, but now, by combining the two, your business can realize new capabilities that promote growth, efficiency and make costs more predictable.

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