International Biopharmaceutical Client

This client had recently changed its leadership, introducing a new CEO to the business in addition to removing their VP of IT. With multiple offices internationally in addition to continued growth of employees and pipeline assets, their new CEO sought to analyze current IT capabilities and establish a short and long term strategy.

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Wealth Management Firm

This case study elucidates the transformative voyage of a distinguished Wealth Management firm as they ally with PCI to revamp their IT infrastructure, unlocking a plethora of operational, financial, and security benefits.


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Manufacturing Client

This case study outlines the IT transformation of a Manufacturing as they partner with PCI to revamp their IT infrastructure, benefitting their company financially, while simultaneously optimizing their environment.



Healthcare at Home Client

In this case study, we review the development of Home Healthcare company. During the COVID-19 pandemic, a current client of PCI's wanted to expand into this new venture, but they needed help not only to understand the technological challenges that lay ahead of them, but the expertise to implement and support those solutions.