The Situation

Technology plays an important role in every business. In this case study, we will review the development of a health insurance company's expansion into a new field: Home Health Care. During the COVID-19 pandemic, a current client of PCI's wanted to expand into this new venture, they needed help not only to understand the technological challenges that lay ahead of them, but the expertise to implement and support those solutions.

The problem

Providing the technology for home health care presents many challenges. Mobility, compliance, collaboration, and uptime are all critical aspects to creating a successful healthcare-at-home infrastructure. Each challenge needed to be addressed properly in order to allow the front-line healthcare workers to provide top-of-the-line care for their patients. 


The Solution

PCI needed to exhibit all of our core values in order to create a solution to fit the needs for such an important business - most of all, Forward Thinking. The solution created was called MobileCare IT. By leveraged cloud platforms, deployed mobile devices and medical technology peripherals, adhering to medical compliance guidelines, and implementing telehealth solutions, our client was able to forget about technology, and let PCI HANDLEit.



Tailored IT Infrastructure:
Leveraging cloud platforms, we ensure seamless productivity, collaboration, and security tailored for home healthcare environments.

Customized Technology Kit:
From tablets to specialized medical peripherals, we provided and secured the necessary tools that healthcare providers need for on-the-go patient care.

Unwavering Support and Uptime:
Our commitment to device uptime, data protection, and 24x7 support ensures our client never has to worry about an untimely interruption of service.

Compliance and Security:
Adhering to stringent healthcare regulations, MobileCare IT guarantees operations are not just effective, but compliant and secure. 

Technology and Telephone Management:
PCI manages all aspects of technology, from telephone needs to the integration of new medical devices, keeping our client ahead of the field in home healthcare.

Advanced Telehealth Solutions:
By embracing the future of healthcare, we integrated cutting-edge telehealth solutions, facilitating remote patient consultations and care. This ensures our client is equipped for modern medical challenges.

Growth and Success:
PCI's technology solutions allowed for our client to not only succeed in their ambitions, but also to grow rapidly in the region. Here is what their Director of clinical operations had to say about PCI:

"Our partnership with PCI has been an integral part of in our company's success. Not only have they kept pace with our company's exponential growth; they continue to support innovative technologies used that enable us to deliver the best care to our patients."


The strategic partnership with PCI and the implementation of our MobileCare IT solution, enabled our client to grow rapidly during a time of great need. This case study underscores the substantial value of a tailored technology solutions, which not only drives operational achievements, but also allows our client to focus on what matters most - providing critical and accessible healthcare to patients that need it most.