For most business executives, IT is likely the least of your worries. However, are your IT professionals delivering the highest value? Are your IT functions aligned with your business objectives? Can Your IT department accomplish all your IT needs on your current IT budget and maintain continuous improvement?

Increasing the value of your dollar is crucial to growing your business. It’s no longer enough to simply cut costs; those who focus on cost containment, predictability and value gain an edge. Taking a step back and realizing what your IT can truly do for you is a critical step in realizing your business’ potential.

One of the best ways that we can look at the value IT brings to your business is the “Run, Grow, and Transform” model. IT creates value by running your applications that enable your employees to contribute to the business. Through that, IT allows your business to grow, by ensuring you have the capabilities and capacity to grow when necessary. Finally, transforming your day-to-day operations, shifting focus to new opportunities, strategies, and business development.

Things you must consider when operating your own IT department:

  • Salaries/benefits
  • Staffing: HR, Turnover, etc.
  • Hardware depreciation
  • Hardware: Purchases/Leases/Rentals
  • Hardware Maintenance
  • Continuous Improvement

Outsourcing IT could lead to some major changes within your business. By eliminating the cost of operating your own IT department, you can reallocate the dollars spent on IT to other parts of your business that will unlock the doors to take your operation to new heights.

A team of industry leading IT professionals devoted to the technical functions of your operation has the capability to not only support your IT needs but also provide the experience and expertise necessary to enable growth for your business.  As a business leader, you want your IT projects to become “Business Projects” that enable your business to work smarter, thus creating the sort of value that you are after.

You may just be worried about the cost of running and maintaining the infrastructure you have now. Unfortunately, a “manage and maintain” model will not take your business to the next level. If you are looking to make the most of your dollar, then an IT outsourcing model may be of the most value to you.

3 Key Components of your IT Outsourcing Strategy

3 Key Components of your IT Outsourcing Strategy

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What is the Value of IT? Optimizing Your IT Spend

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