Outsourcing or contracting is becoming increasingly regular as more Biotech companies enlist the professional services of both CRO’s and CMO’s. These contracted providers offer a level of service that aims to solve challenges both new and existing, as well as offer value to a biotech organization. More importantly, an outsourced contractor should be an extension of the team aligning with both the company’s vision, values and goals.

As the outsourcing model gains popularity and effectiveness for manufacturing or research, it may be time to look to contracting and IT organization. A CITO partner could be the next partner you need to maintain compliance and improve your overall technical abilities.

The CITO model is fresh but effective, especially to pre-commercial organizations. Our recent work with a client has seen us implement their entire IT infrastructure using a blend of enterprise platforms, regulated and validated for the Life Sciences industry. Adapting to the cloud for Life Sciences means it is easily scalable for fast tracked programs. Other benefits for Life Sciences include:

  • Predictable costs
  • Continuous improvement with quality and value in mind.
  • Strategic growth
  • Access to proven and trusted technology platforms without the added tasks of managing them.

Defining a CITO: Contract Information Technology Organization

We implement a similar model to a contract research organization which allows us to act as an extension of the business. Our goal with the CITO model is to ensure the highest level of IT assistance, development and processes, as a result we can improve the way your IT benefits your research. Our focus on the back end processes will allow your clinical team to focus on the development of drugs that could be potentially lifesaving.

How does it work?

A CITO becomes an extension of your team. The model is scalable, and the necessary IT skill sets are available when needed. Furthermore, additional skilled IT professionals can be assigned to assist in day-to-day operations or to help complete project work adding even more flexibility that can help manage your overall IT spend.

Additionally, PCI can provide Life Sciences organizations with IT Leadership through Consulting, Project Management and Engagement Management. It is within these added services where PCI can truly become the glue that keeps everything together and connected.

Stemming from the professional services we offer; our relentless support model is behind everything we do. By aligning ourselves and our talent with your business and processes, our team can be the technical backbone that allows you to stay focused on bringing therapies & treatments to market.

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