Technology is liquid, it's dynamic and ever-changing. It is important that your enterprise stay ahead of the changes to facilitate your operations. In 2019, we expect to see even more changes, particularly the shift away from corporate data centers. Gartner has already suggested an actual date in which corporate data centers will be close extinct. Gartner analyst Dave Cappuccio claims by 2025, 80% of businesses will have shut down their data centers versus the 10% today. If business is moving away from corporate data centers, where does that leave your business?

The cloud. It has become quite the buzzword however, it is a proven, reliable and efficient solution for businesses of all varieties if implemented correctly. Previously, we spoke about the “Hybrid-Cloud Model”, you may be left wondering, how do we go from speaking about it or thinking about the cloud to implementing it?

Gartner has suggested a roadmap to a successful cloud strategy, there are six steps in the Gartner roadmap. Assessing your business’ current situation is the first step to implementing a cloud-based strategy. Let us take a deeper look into the first segment and some of the important questions to be asked when looking to implement a cloud strategy;

  • What are some of the current challenges your business might be facing?
  • Is a cloud-based solution right for your company?
  • How much are you willing to invest into your cloud strategy? Per Gartner, will you be conservative, invest moderately or will your business shift its focus to being cloud-first?
  • Which vendors would you consider working with? How do they align with your business strategies?
  • What type of combination are you interested in using for your business? (Private, Public, or Hybrid cloud)

These are good questions to ask during the early stages of the cloud adoption process. Remember, you want your cloud solution to align with your business and facilitate how certain things get done.  Asking the right questions at the beginning of the process could save time, money and allow for an easier process of adoption.

Follow along for the next steps in cloud adoption. Determining your business’ technical direction is part two.

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The 4 Components of Any Successful Hybrid Cloud Model

The 4 Components of Any Successful Hybrid Cloud Model

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Cloud Road Map Part 2: Strategy & Direction

Cloud Road Map Part 2: Strategy & Direction

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