Times are Changing

The era of Digital Transformation & “Cloud-First” IT strategies has become a catalyst for change in the roles and responsibilities of IT departments and its stakeholders.

If you’re a CIO, VP of IT, etc – the change likely begins with you.

IT leadership is no longer about technology, application selection, infrastructure, etc; IT leaders must now provide value as a business executive, rather than a technology delivery executive.

Per Gartner – 84% of CIO’s at top-performing organizations have responsibility for areas of the business outside of traditional IT, the most common being innovation and transformation.

Gartner expects that trend to be pushed down throughout IT staff as well, predicting that by 2021, 40% of IT staff will be versatilists holding multiple roles, most of which will be business-related rather than technology-related.

Technology, IT leadership and IT professionals are transforming to meet the needs of a business landscape that is increasingly data-intensive and risk-adverse, therefore your approach to IT outsourcing should evolve as well.

An Evolving IT Outsourcing Strategy

Organizations are no longer able to use only cost reduction as its primary justification for IT outsourcing.

Effective IT outsourcing strategies today should begin with a value-driven approach, ultimately aligning yourself with a partner that enables business growth, support and security.

Here’s what to look for:

1. Experience & Expertise: An IT outsourcing partner should have strong business leadership internally, that can be leveraged to support departmental and operational maturity in your business – with a verified and lengthy track record of doing so for others.

2. Capabilities: Centralize your outsourced partners and vendors – look for relationships that can not only add value with its service offerings today, but also provide scalability & flexibility with its breadth and depth of capabilities.

3. Not just “Cloud-First”, but “Business-First:” Your IT outsourcing partner should be listening to your business needs, and adapting to them. Find those who can design solutions that work for your unique business, not those with a rigid and defined solution for everything and everyone.

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